“Lillie has been with me since the very beginning of my writing career. She has proved an invaluable resource whether it’s creating a series bible or beta reading or proof reading. She’s extremely thorough which is why I continue to use her to this day.”

— #1 NYT Bestselling author Maya Banks

“Moving into the sixth book of my Play by Play series, having a series bible was a daunting task facing me, and one I simply didn’t have the time for. But I desperately needed the background information on all of my characters and their history. Lillie painstakingly went through every one of my books and built an amazing series bible for my Play by Play series. I use it almost daily as I continue on with my series. I couldn’t have done this without her expert assistance.”

— Jaci Burton

“Lillie’s series bibles are fantastic! I don’t know what I’d do without them!”

— Lauren Dane

“Lillie makes my writing life easier. From preparing series bibles to reviewing chapters with a fresh set of eyes, she handles the details quickly and efficiently. She’s a huge asset and I’m so grateful I found her.”

— HelenKay Dimon

“I’m so glad I found Lillie! She’s thorough, lightning-fast, professional, and has a great eye for all the little things that my eye tends to miss. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

—Catherine Gayle

“I swear, Lillie is a life saver! She not only put together a timeline for my Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series (which was getting unwieldy,) but she kept track of all the characters, as well. I’m putting her on speed dial!”

— Larissa Ione

“Lillie is fast, efficient, thorough – the perfect professional. I’d use her services again in a heartbeat.”

— Alison Kent

“Lillie has been an absolute dream to work with. With her exceptional proofreading skills, she has saved my butt numerous times from showing the world how frequently I duplicate words and make other easily fixed mistakes.”

— Kelly Maher

“Lillie does an amazing job at putting together my book bibles! Thanks to her I can refer back to anything I need at a glance! Love her!”

— Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

“I write big families, big worlds, and complicated heroines. And because I want to make sure I keep up with my brain, I need spreadsheets, and a team that totally gets where I’m going. Lillie uncomplicates my life with her book bibles, her timelines and her efficiency. I know I couldn’t write thirty book worlds that overlap without her. If you’re thinking of writing multi-series worlds in ANY genre, Lillie is the person you need to make things easier on yourself.”

— NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan

“Lillie is my fairy godmother, she comes along after me and waves her wand and makes my manuscript sing…”

— Jill Shalvis

“In the past, I’ve wasted hours of writing time picking through previous books, looking for a specific detail I need or trying to trace a timeline. Now I have the relevant details for every character in one easy-to-use spreadsheet and a timeline encompassing important events from all the books. I’ll never write another series without Lillie!”

— Shannon Stacey

“I don’t dare write a book without having Lillie check it over for me first!”

— Dee Tenorio

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